Some Fun Projects At Work

Sat, 03/02/2019 - 06:53

Most of the work I do is interesting however, much of it is simply interfaces. Build out a GUI and hook up the Javascript to talk to a back-end system. Be that in PHP, Python, VBSCRIPT,, or whatever.

In some ways these two projects were no different. I still needed to build a GUI and hook up the connection BUT, this time I wrote the back-end code in Python to deal with hardware through an I/O interface. 

It's just a bit more satisfying when you see a physical thing affect or be affected by code...Not sure why.

There is an undeniable ego boost when I get to install the tool and people on the floor get to use it.

The first project was the Wingstack. I forget how many times a year, but it's more than three, we have a major order of filters that need to be packaged and sent out. 

The interface uses a Chromium browser in Kiosk mode. This allows the program to take advantage of decent graphics. It's not "fast" but I have found it to be at least as fast as Tkinter or WXPython and I can, "for the most part" use CSS transitions and canvas. The challenge is sucking out as much performance as possible.

I was initially using Apache with Python but that was ... unreliable. For the Wingstack, as of this article, I am using PHP and simply writing to a SQLLite database.

I hate this idea...For the Squid and in the future I think I will use Python as a simple server taking in and exporting JSON.

I'll simply start the server in the Raspberry startup script along with Chromium in Kiosk mode.